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Bus Routes 2018-2019

7 months ago

                                                       WEBSTER COUNTY SCHOOLS                                      
                        BUS ROUTES FOR 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR
Bus No. Driver Location
5 Kenneth Kidd      Point Mtn/Curtin/Cherry Falls
2 Mike Riffle      Birch River
3 Wes Arthur      Bolair/Excel Road
4 George Anderson      Cleveland
83 Marquita Ridgway      Jumbo/Sugar Creek
85 Matthew Ware      Dorrtown/Elk River
86 Mark Rumney      Cranberry Ridge/Gauley Mills
87 Gary Brown      Replete
88 Steve Ware      Mills Mtn/Dyer
89 Lisa Cutlip      Erbacon
1 Waymon McCourt      Erbacon Mtn/Hickory Flats
92 John Clutter      Webster Spgs/Spec Needs
93 James Varney      Gauley River/Pleasant Ridge
94 Ed Davis      Guardian/Diana
95 Danny Davis      Bergoo/Parcoal/Cherry Falls
96 Arlin Joe Taylor      Dennison Run/Given Run
97 John Hamrick      Grassy Creek
98 Kenneth Gregory      Cowen Area/Spec Needs
99 Patrick McCartney      Tioga/Camden on Gauley
100 Dennis Cowger      Back Fork/Miller Mountain
Contract Driver
Sonny Arbogast Bendertown
Sonny Arbogast Cowger Hill/Hodam Creek/Hodam Mtn
Spare buses  17, 77, 78, 82, 91, 84 (Handicap)

By Mike Schartiger

Mentor Training

about 1 year ago

There are two remaining fall Mentor Professional Development dates available. If you need mentors trained using evidence-based materials from Charlotte Danielson’s work and the New Teacher Center, please encourage your teacher leaders to register as soon as possible.


Remaining fall dates:


November 14-15              Days Hotel, Flatwoods

December 5-6                    Town Center Marriott Hotel, Charleston


Registration and additional information can be found on this website, or by contacting Carla at 304-558-0539, or

By Mike Schartiger