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About Our Program





When: Every Monday 12:30 - 1:30 PM (please watch for updates this week in case of a change)


What: 5-Day Meal Box with Breakfast and Lunch

School Sites:

  • Glade Elementary School
  • Webster Springs Elementary

This will be pick-up only and only at these two sites. In order to avoid all person-to-person contact, please get in the car lane, open you trunk, and stay in your car when you arrive at the pick-up site so that our workers can put the boxes in your trunk.

Questions: Contact Tammy Holcomb, Director of Child Nutrition, 304-847-5638 x2205,

About our Program

It is a well known fact that hungry students cannot learn!  Students who practice healthy eating are better nourished, have better attendance, are more attentive, have less discipline problems, and have more energy. What better reason could there be to have your child participate in our National School breakfast and lunch program. Nutritious, well-balanced meals are offered every school day in all of our schools.

Our Staff
Webster County Schools Food Service employees have been well trained in sanitation and safety, quantity food preparation, menu planning, meal requirements, record keeping, personnel management, merchandising, and other related areas. They are experts in their fields. Please feel free to stop in and visit anytime.

Meal Requirements
School breakfast provides a serving of fruit, milk, and either, 2 servings of grain, or 1 serving of a meat and grain. School Lunch provides a serving of meat, fruit, vegetables, grain, and milk. Serving sizes vary by  grade group to ensure students' nutritional are met.

Offer vs. Serve
Webster County School District operates all school cafeterias under the “Offer vs. Serve” provision, which is mandated in high school and recommended for elementary. Offer vs. Serve allows us to offer students a variety of foods to choose from within a menu, rather than serving five required menu components with no alternate choices or the choice to decline an item. This practice prevents waste because students will select and consume foods they like, which is preferable to serving students food they do not like and will often throw away.

With Offer vs. Serve, students are offered and encouraged to eat all five components from the menu but if they do not want the full meal, they must select at least three of the five components (one must be a serving of a fruit or vegetable). Offer vs. Serve is practiced during the breakfast meal also, and students may select three of the four food components offered (one must be a serving of fruit)

By Tammy Holcomb

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