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Bus Routes 2018-2019

3 months ago

                                                       WEBSTER COUNTY SCHOOLS                                      
                        BUS ROUTES FOR 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR
Bus No. Driver Location
5 Kenneth Kidd      Point Mtn/Curtin/Cherry Falls
2 Mike Riffle      Birch River
3 Wes Arthur      Bolair/Excel Road
4 George Anderson      Cleveland
83 Marquita Ridgway      Jumbo/Sugar Creek
85 Matthew Ware      Dorrtown/Elk River
86 Mark Rumney      Cranberry Ridge/Gauley Mills
87 Gary Brown      Replete
88 Steve Ware      Mills Mtn/Dyer
89 Lisa Cutlip      Erbacon
1 Waymon McCourt      Erbacon Mtn/Hickory Flats
92 John Clutter      Webster Spgs/Spec Needs
93 James Varney      Gauley River/Pleasant Ridge
94 Ed Davis      Guardian/Diana
95 Danny Davis      Bergoo/Parcoal/Cherry Falls
96 Arlin Joe Taylor      Dennison Run/Given Run
97 John Hamrick      Grassy Creek
98 Kenneth Gregory      Cowen Area/Spec Needs
99 Patrick McCartney      Tioga/Camden on Gauley
100 Dennis Cowger      Back Fork/Miller Mountain
Contract Driver
Sonny Arbogast Bendertown
Sonny Arbogast Cowger Hill/Hodam Creek/Hodam Mtn
Spare buses  17, 77, 78, 82, 91, 84 (Handicap)

By Mike Schartiger

Mentor Training

12 months ago

There are two remaining fall Mentor Professional Development dates available. If you need mentors trained using evidence-based materials from Charlotte Danielson’s work and the New Teacher Center, please encourage your teacher leaders to register as soon as possible.


Remaining fall dates:


November 14-15              Days Hotel, Flatwoods

December 5-6                    Town Center Marriott Hotel, Charleston


Registration and additional information can be found on this website, or by contacting Carla at 304-558-0539, or

By Mike Schartiger