Webster County Pre-K is a collaborative program between Webster County Schools, North

Central West Virginia Community Action Head Start, and Nicholas Empowerment Starting

Points Center. Currently, there are six pre-k classrooms: one at Hacker Valley School, two

at Webster Springs Elementary School, and three at Glade Elementary School. The Starting

Points Center at Glade Elementary offers after school childcare as a paid service. Your child

may attend any pre-k site in Webster County that is convenient for you and meets your

needs, if space is available.  

Pre-K programs currently operate Tuesday-Friday, in accordance with the home school's schedule. Pre-K follows the Webster County School calendar for all holidays, OSE, ISE, Faculty Senate, etc.

Changes in the pre-k schedule will be made on a site-by-site basis. If you have questions about your child's schedule, please contact the school or your child's teacher.

Applications for pre-k for the 2017-18 school year are now open. On Monday, March 20th, there will be an open registration for pre-k applications. You may contact Dreama Wilson at (304) 689-0367 or Linda Smith at (304) 226-5991 for an appointment. Applications will be accepted at the Board of Education Annex in Webster Springs and at the Head Start Building behind the IGA in Cowen from 12:00-6:00pm on March 20th. Applications will be accepted at Hacker Valley School on Wednesday, March 22nd from 9:00 am- noon.  

Who is eligible to attend pre-k? Any child who is 4 years old prior to September 1 is eligible for pre-k. Additionally, children who are three years old and have an IEP may be eligible. If you have questions about eligibility, you may contact Sue Weir, Pre-K Special Needs, at (304) 847-5638, ext. 120 or through email at; or Allison Pyle, Pre-K Director, at (304) 847-5638, ext. 106 or through email at

What do I need in order to enroll my child in pre-k? You will need:
  • A copy of an original birth certificate certified by the state's registrar of vital statistics.
  • A valid HealthCheck
  • A dental evaluation
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of income

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