Webster County Board of Education

Webster County Board of Education Office Building

Regular Meeting

Monday, March 27, 2017

5:00 p.m.

I.          Call to Order – ALL PRESENT

II.        Approval of Minutes - APPROVED

Consider approving the minutes of the regular meeting held Monday, March 13,


III.       Delegations


IV.       Reports/Presentations

            A.  Tyler Ray, recognition for 1st place in the state Poetry Out Loud competition.

            B.  Steve White and Glade Elementary School’s Leadership Team to address the Board. 

            C.  Sarah Lawson, Treasurer to address the Board.

V.        Consent Agenda  - APPROVED

The superintendent recommends approval of the following consent actions as presented:

A.        Co-curricular Bus Trips

B.        Use of School Facilities

C.        Payment of Bills

D.        Fundraising Activities

E.         Parent Volunteers/Chaperones/Drivers

F.         Budget Adjustments

A list of bills and/or copies of the bills are available for review upon request. All such requests shall be directed to Sarah Lawson, Treasurer at 304-847-5638, ext. 104.

VI.       New Business

VII.     Personnel

The superintendent recommends approval of the following personnel actions as


A.        Professional Personnel

                        1.  Consider accepting the following professional resignation(s): None

2.  Consider approving the following placement of professional personnel for the

      remainder of the 2016-2017 school year:  No qualified applicants

            a.  An Individual - .50 Art Teacher at Glade Elementary School

            b.  An Individual – Art Teacher at Webster Springs Elementary & Hacker Valley Elementary


            c.  An Individual - .50 Physical Education Teacher at Glade Elementary School

            d.  An Individual - Science Teacher/Foreign Language Facilitator at Webster County High                                              School

            e.  An Individual - Special Education Teacher at Webster County High School

B.        Service Personnel

                        1.  Consider accepting the following service personnel resignation(s). None

                        2.  Consider approving an individual as Secretary/Accountant at Glade

                             Elementary School, effective at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

                                    Angela Hayes - APPROVED

                        3.  Consider approving an individual to fill a medical leave of absence as Cook at

                             Glade Elementary School for up to the remainder of the 2016-2107 school

                             year.   Barbara Lane - APPROVED

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        C.        Extracurricular Personnel

D.        Substitute Personnel

VIII.    Other Items of Business

IX.       Superintendent’s Update

                        1.  Superintendent Cochran updated the Board on personnel

                        2.  Superintendent Cochran informed the Board that a memorial service will be

                             held for John McElwain, Friday, March 31st from 4:30-6:30 at WCHS.

                        3.  Superintendent Cochran announced that the following student celebrations:

                             Golden Horseshoe winners:

                                                a.  Hannah Hamrick

                                                b.  Hannah Carpenter

                                                c.  Levi McCoy

                        Qualified to participate in the state Math Field Day competition:

                                                a.  Isaac Pyle

                                                b.  Tyrick Dawkins

X.        Adjournment – 6:26 p.m.

Consent Agenda Items

Co-Curricular Field Trips

Group                                                     Destination                           Date                       Place To Be Visited/Purpose            

WCHS Band                                           Philippi                                    04/01/2017              Band Festival

HVES & WSES Students                       Camden on Gauley                  05/20/2017              Parade

HSTA Students                                       Columbus, OH                        04/04/2017              Field Trip

HSTA Students                                       Fairmont                                  05/06/2017              Science Symposium

WCHS JROTC                                       Big Ditch Lake                        05/19/2017              Leadership/Physical Training

Glade 4th Grade                                       Summersville                          03/30/2017              Movies – Behavior Incentive


*Bus not required               


Use of School Facilities

Organization                                                          School                   Date                                      Purpose                                 

Sisters in Christ                                                       Glade Elementary    04/08/2017                              Craft/Bake Sale

Sisters in Christ                                                       Glade Elementary    04/13/2017                              Making Easter Eggs                               

*Waiver of free requested






Jr. High Track Team

Strawberry Sale

Glade Elementary

4th Grade

Painting Party & Concessions