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4 months ago

Webster County Pre-K is a collaborative program between Webster County Schools, North Central West Virginia Community Action Head Start, and Nicholas Empowerment Starting Points Center. Currently, there are six pre-k classrooms: one at Hacker Valley School, two at Webster Springs Elementary School, and three at Glade Elementary School. The Starting Points Center at Glade Elementary offers after school childcare as a paid service. Your child may attend any pre-k site in Webster County that is convenient for you and meets your  needs, if space is available.  

Pre-K programs currently operate Tuesday-Friday, in accordance with the home school's schedule. Pre-K follows the Webster County School calendar for all holidays, OSE, ISE, Faculty Senate, etc. Changes in the pre-k schedule will be made on a site-by-site basis. If you have questions about your child's schedule, please contact the school or your child's teacher.

Applications for pre-k for the 2017-18 school year are now open. You may contact Dreama Wilson at (304) 689-0367 or Linda Smith at (304) 226-5991 for an appointment. Applications will be accepted at the Board of Education Annex in Webster Springs and at the Head Start Building behind the IGA in Cowen.   

Who is eligible to attend pre-k? Any child who is 4 years old prior to September 1 is eligible for pre-k. Additionally, children who are three years old and have an IEP may be eligible. If you have questions about eligibility, you may contact Sue Weir, Pre-K Special Needs, at (304) 847-5638, ext. 120 or through email at; or Allison Pyle, Pre-K Director, at (304) 847-5638, ext. 106 or through email at

What do I need in order to enroll my child in pre-k? You will need:
  • A copy of an original birth certificate certified by the state's registrar of vital statistics.
  • A valid HealthCheck
  • A dental evaluation
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of income