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School Parties and Snacks

Foods sold, served or distributed outside of the school cafeteria must meet the nutrient requirements for West Virginia schools. This includes foods sold in vending machines and school stores, served during classroom parties, and provided by parents for snacks. The West Virginia Board of Education enacted rules for these "other foods" for three reasons:
  • Snacks can help your child's meet their nutrition needs instead of adding unnecessary (and unhealthy) fat, sugar and salt;
  • Food safety concerns; and
  • Allergies and/or special diets required by some children.

Remember, each food item must:

  • Have a Nutrition Facts panel and ingredient list
  • Be less than 200 calories per serving
  • Be commercially packaged

For additional information and to determine if the snacks you want to bring to school meet state requirements, use the Nutrition Calculator on the West Virginia Office of Child Nutrition website.

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